As an entrepreneur, you know how important it is to have a well thought-out business plan.

What does your business plan currently say about your plans to handle IP issues?
If your technology is critical to protecting your profitability, or if you might be sued by a competitor the moment you launch your product and they see that it infringes on one of their patents, then you’re in the right place.

We’ve created a 360 degree patent battle plan that you can plug right into your business plan and that allows you to not only maximize your profits,
but also avoid patent lawsuits.

Here are two key areas to think about in your patent battle plan.

The first key area is called patent offense, and patent offense is all about getting patent rights that you control, or you own.
There’s three questions that should be in your patent offense plan.

The first question is— how will you harvest your invention so that you can protect your technology?

The second question is— how will you determine which patents you should invest in and which ones you shouldn’t? And the third patent offense question is about how we monetize your patent.

The second key area of your 360 degree patent battle plan is called patent defense.

Patent defense is all about avoiding being sued on someone else’s patent.

Now, the major topic here is called freedom to operate.

Freedom to operate means that your product has the freedom to operate
without infringing someone else’s patent.

A little due diligence here can go a long way.

Now, you can take your patent offense plan and your patent defense plan and put them together in a 360 degree patent battle plan.

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