Thinking About a Patent to Protect Crown Jewel Technologies in Your
Start-Up or Small Business?

If your business can profit from patent protection, we would like to share with you some information to maximize your ROI from a patent without wasting your time, money, and effort chasing the wrong patent.

Your 4-Phase Patent Journey Briefing

Watch this 2 minute video for an introductory briefing from Craige Thompson, Managing Principal Patent Attorney, on the 4 phases of your Patent Journey.

Where are you now?

  • Phase 1: DECIDE
  • Phase  2: BEFORE
  • Phase 3: DURING
  • Phase 4: AFTER


In Phase 4, you are asking

  • Who is infringing my patent?
  • How can I monetize my patent asset?
  • What can I do to maximize my ROI?
To get answers, click below!

Our Legal Staff Has Experience Serving Hundreds of Patent Clients, Such As...

We help electrical engineers profit from their ideas TM