Medical Device Technologies

Your TPL Legal Team is experienced in a wide range of medical device technologies, including but not limited to:

Diagnostic Imaging
Surgical Instruments
Patient Monitoring
Therapeutic Devices
Implantable Devices
Dental Devices
Orthopedic Devices
Cardiovascular Devices
Neurological Devices
Respiratory Devices
Diabetes Management
Rehabilitation Devices
Laboratory Devices
Home Healthcare Devices
Sterilization Equipment
Wearable Health Tech

Apparatus and associated methods relate to a wearable compression therapy system for ambulatory therapy, the system including a wearable garment having one or more inflatable chambers, and a pneumatic engine locally coupled to the garment

Apparatus and associated methods may relate to a system for predicting a respirator fit by comparing a respirator model in a deformed state to a specific facial model. In an illustrative example, an internal measurement

Apparatus and associated methods for a hydrogel wound covering membrane may include a backing layer and a release liner each having high pliability for permitting the membrane to be folded without pinching a sandwiched hydrogel

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