Thompson Patent Law (TPL) is proud to announce that we have been ranked 39th on the 2023 US Utility Patent Toteboard, curated by Carl Oppedahl. This is a significant achievement for our firm, especially considering our size. With an impressive tally of 50 issued US patents, that’s almost one per week! This is not just a testament to our commitment and hard work, but also to our great clients and their innovative ideas.

Our commitment to innovation and client success is deeply rooted in our approach. From the very first meeting, our focus is on assessing whether a client’s idea is patentable. We employ a highly sophisticated and efficient process known as the ‘Lightning Prior Art Search,’ a program we developed here at TPL. This tool provides a quick, iterative, and interactive response to the pressing question, “Is my idea patentable?”

But our service doesn’t stop at identifying patentability. We firmly believe that our clients should only seek patents if it makes business sense for them. To assist in this critical decision-making process, we offer a unique tool: Craige’s 100x ROI Calculator Tool™. This tool, developed by us over a decade ago, helps our clients make informed business decisions in just minutes using as few as three numbers.

Recently, at a VIP client briefing workshop, Craige unveiled a course and additional tools that clients can access anytime they need. TPL clients can now make quick business decisions using Craige’s 100x ROI Calculator Tool™. The goal here is simple: we don’t want our clients to make uninformed decisions about whether a patentable idea makes business sense.

Craige’s 100x ROI Calculator Tool™ is designed to help clients make sophisticated business decisions in just a few minutes, using as few as three numbers. It’s a customized tool for their unique business needs.

Words from our senior associate Timothy Snowden

“I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude to the entire TPL team. Your unwavering dedication and hard work have been instrumental in achieving this remarkable feat of ranking as a top 40 patent firm. I also want to extend my sincere thanks to our clients for their trust and loyalty. Your belief in our abilities and steadfast support have been the cornerstone of our success”.

Innovation, dedication, and a clear focus on business outcomes: these are the hallmarks of Thompson Patent Law. We are proud to be recognized for our hard work and commitment to our clients, and we look forward to continuing to serve innovators in the years to come.