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The Launch Pad

Introducing The Launch Pad, the first ergonomic exercise bench pad specifically designed to help the user increase strength, maximize power production, and minimize injury risk. The Launch Pad provides a one of a kind, unique supportive surface to perform anatomically correct push-pull movements to safely and effectively get you the results you deserve.

HTC SeparatR

Introducing the Next Generation of the HTC SeparatR Tool With the development of this tool, safety, and mobility have been combined into one compact, powerful, and totally cordless tool!

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor is committed to excellence in design, manufacturing, and responsiveness to our customers through the continued development of new technologies, products, and innovative solutions. We bring to the market devices designed to benefit our customers by meeting their product-specific needs. Our mission is to bring value to our customers, shareholders, and employees.


Nextern is a collaborative medical device company. We bring an unmatched core competence in medical device product design and development through manufacturing as a leverageable asset to collaborators like you, who are focused on accelerating the commercial side of their business.


Auto finance fraud continues to grow annually and is estimated to reach up to $7 billion this year. By far, the most common type of fraud is misrepresentations in income and identity. In fact, for every case of fraud that is rejected by a lender and put back to a dealership, a dealer must sell an additional ten vehicles to recover lost profits.

The TurboPass Report provides a modern, convenient, and paperless solution that eliminates fraud at your dealership and maintains your lender relationships.

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