Protecting your logo, slogan, business name, product name or other identifying marks for your business often involves registering a trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Trademarking the elements of your business that help your customers find you and recognize your products or services keeps your competitors from copying or using your trademarks and possibly ruining your reputation or confusing your customers. The USPTO “strongly encourages” trademark filers to hire a licensed attorney with a specialization in patent and trademark law to assist in trademark applications.

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What Kinds of Things Can Be Trademarked?

Pretty much anything that identifies your business or products to your customers in the marketplace can be trademarked. Business names, product names, logos, slogans, taglines, mottos, designs, sounds, and even smells—all can be trademarked to protect your exclusive rights to use them in conjunction with your business or product.

What Practices Does a Trademark Protect Against?

Registering a trademark with the USPTO gives you nationwide protection against a competitor adopting a similar element in their business identification or advertising, and protects against various kinds of fraud and counterfeiting. If a competitor tries to come into the marketplace with a knockoff of your product, a similar business name offering similar business services, or tries to pass off counterfeit products as originals by attaching your labels to counterfeit products, for example, you may have legal recourse against their trademark infringement if you have registered your trademark with the USPTO.

Trademark dilution is also prohibited and consists of using a trademark in a way that weakens the uniqueness of a trademark. For example, “Adidas” is a well-known athletic wear brand. If a company started marketing “Adidas Hairspray,” that would most likely be considered trademark dilution, as it weakens the established connection in consumers’ minds between the term “Adidas” and athletic wear.

Why Should I Choose Thompson Patent Law to Help With my Trademarks?

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