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The Litigation Quality Patents® PatentCast, hosted by Craige Thompson (a.k.a., “The Examiner Whisperer”) contains substantive discussion designed to keep you current with what’s going on in the world of patents, encompassing everything from patent prosecution and re-examination to patent licensing and litigation.

Special Edition: what is the R&D tax credit?

Summary: What is the R&D Tax Credit? 

Welcome to this special edition of the Litigation Quality Patent PatentCast. I’m Your Host Craige Thompson of Thomson Patent Law. This is a very special podcast because we're joined by Jeff Holmberg who's a manager a CPA with Froehling Anderson, out of the Minneapolis Minnesota office. He's going to teach us something very important for in the inventors and innovators who are seeking patents and are doing R&D. 

We are going to talk about the very important R&D tax credit program. Jeff is an expert in he has been doing this for a long time in his career and specializing in the area and on this R&D Tax Credit. The R&D Tax Credit is especially important to people who get patents, because you know, we want to pay as little to the government as possible. That's the idea here when you're doing research and development.

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Many people have questions about what happens when you file a patent, and when the patent will be issued. We have created this simple Patent Process Flowchart for you, if you are wondering about the patent process or what happens after you have filed a patent application.

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Thompson Patent Law Office does GREAT work!

Thompson Patent Law Office does GREAT work!