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In this library created by Thompson Patent Law, you can learn, for example, about the Point of Novelty Report, Thompson Patent Law's search methodology, discover how to avoid patent trolls, or find out what happens after a patent expires.

LQP PatentCast

Litigation Quality Patents ® (LQP) Patentcast. This audio experience is an update on the current state of patent law. Click learn more to hear about cases that may affect your patent.

Ask the Patent Attorney ™

TPL regularly holds teaching webinars. To be a part of these teaching events call (512) 729-6764.  Have you missed a webinar? Click learn more to see what you missed.

IPR PTABCast ™  

The Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) is an administrative law body of the United States Patent and Trademark Office. In this IPR PTAB Cast Craige shares his insight on cases affected by the appeal board. 

Want to know more about software patents?

We are doing a special Litigation Quality PatentCast series on software patents in the post-Alice era.

Litigation Quality Patent Articles

Thompson Patent Law has an extensive blog for clients, innovators and inventors who love to read. Click learn more to access TPL's Blog.


Craige wrote the #1 Amazon best selling book "Patent Offense: 7 Steps to a Safe, Secure Patent Portfolio." This valuable resource teaches inventors and innovators how to navigate through the patent process.

Archived Podcasts

Are you looking for one of our past podcasts? Here are our archived podcasts. The podcasts included express Craige's views on cases that have changed past IP law. Click learn more to find the podcast you are looking for.

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Craige Thompson, JD, EE, PE, Patent Attorney

Craige Thompson JD, EE, PE Patent Attorney Author of Amazon #1 Best seller, Patent Offense

Roberto "R.C." Rondero De Mosier Attorney/ Adjunct Professor

I send nearly all patent referrals to Craige

I send nearly all patent referrals to Craige. He is exceptionally talented and understands portfolio strategy.

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