When Can I Safely Market My Idea? | Ask The Patent Attorney | Austin, TX

LQP Ask The Patent attorney: When can I safely market my idea?

Summary: In today’s Briefing, Craige discusses six options that you can choose from when launching your idea into the market. If you want to safely maintain proprietary control and ownership of your idea, you need to understand the trade-offs and benefits of each of these 6 choices.

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Russell Rippamonti Principal (partner) at Fish & Richardson P.C.

Craige Thompson brings a high level of maturity in his patent advice to clients

Craige was wonderful to work with. He is very bright and has had great practical industry experience. He brings a high level of maturity in his patent advice to clients. He had excellent relationships with clients as they respected and trusted his judgment and recommendations. You can’t go wrong working with Craige.