Recently, the prestigious Vanguard magazine released an article highlighting one of our long-time clients and collaborators, Mr. Richard Bragg, who is the general counsel of Banner Engineering, one of the world’s leading corporations in process and industrial automation.

The article is titled “Demystifying the Process of Protecting Inventions”. It discusses how Mr. Bragg was able to bridge the existing gap between engineers and IP (Intellectual Property) attorneys when discussing the invention claims and technicalities. Once he was appointed in 2014 as Banner’s senior manager of legal and compliance, he worked on a hands-on approach to communicate directly with the engineers to formulate the claims that would get patented.

Mr. Bragg, in a search for streamlining Banner Engineering’s patenting process, developed a systematic approach in collaboration with Thompson Patent Law to speed up the overall claiming process. The process requires three steps, which are as follows:

  • An initial kick-off meeting with the inventors and IP team
  • An in-depth prior art search review
  • A results review meeting with the inventors

Thompson Patent Law acknowledges the importance of Mr. Bragg’s insight and knowledge for consolidating this process. Over the past seven years of collaborating with Mr. Bragg, Thompson Patent Law has witnessed his continuous efforts to improve the communications between engineers, counsels, and the Patent Office to create and define more efficient and standardized procedures.

For his impact on engineering and intellectual property law, we commend Mr. Richard Bragg’s accomplishments and wish for more years of successful collaborations.

You can read the Vanguard magazine article featuring Mr. Bragg HERE.