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Looking for a patent attorney in Austin, TX? You’ve come to the right place. At Thompson Patent Law, Our relentless pursuit of innovation ensures that your inventions are safeguarded with unmatched precision and passion.

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Patent Process


The first phase in your patent journey starts with you making a fully informed decision.
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Before the patent office – In the second phase of your patent journey, you will want to start your patent the right way with honest due diligence, including a patent search. But you need more than a patent search to succeed.
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During the Patent Office – In the third phase of your Patent Journey, your patent application needs professional guidance to overcome rejections so you can obtain commercially valuable protection quickly.
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In the fourth phase in of the patent process you will learn about monetization strategies.
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our 20+ Years of experience and proprietary patent process gives us an edge over broader-focused firms.

Precision, Passion, Protection
Every idea has the potential to change the world, and it deserves the highest level of protection. At Thompson Patent Law, we combine precision, passion, and unparalleled legal expertise to ensure your innovations are not only protected but positioned for maximum impact.
Distinctive Innovation Analysis
Our unique Point of Novelty Assessment process identifies the distinct elements that set your patent apart from known technologies. This meticulous approach ensures that your innovations stand out and are safeguarded with the highest level of legal protection.
Profitable Patent Strategies
Beyond protection, we guide inventors on how to profit from their innovations without asking for money upfront. Our strategic approach ensures your patents become valuable assets, driving your business forward and maximizing market potential.

Innovating Across
Diverse Sectors

Aerospace Defense Patent Attorney
Aerospace & Defense

We provide specialized protection for aerospace and defense technologies, safeguarding your groundbreaking innovations at every level.

Agricultural Patents

We protect agricultural innovations, ensuring your advanced farming technologies are secure and poised to revolutionize the industry.

Blockchain Patent Attorney

We protect blockchain technologies, ensuring your decentralized solutions are secure and ready to transform industries.

Business Patents

We protect business innovations, ensuring your novel methods and proprietary processes are secure and ready to drive industry transformation.

Consumer Patents

We protect your consumer products, ensuring your innovative ideas remain secure and competitive in the rapidly evolving consumer goods market.


We safeguard advancements in electronics, ensuring your cutting-edge technologies are secure and ready for the market.

More Real Stories: Why Clients Choose Thompson Patent Law

Craige and his team did a fantastic job with my provisional patent application. He asked all the right questions to help me flesh out my idea, and helped me to expand it into areas I never would’ve considered. I highly recommend reading his book, and working with Thompson Patent Law.

Richard Connell

Psychologist at Connell & Associates, BHS

That critical translation from the technical engineer into the legal minds in the legal language and legal experience. And that handoff is really, really critical and that’s one of the things that I absolutely love about working with you guys.

Scott Lapierre

Science & Engineering Innovation and Implementation Director

If you have an idea that is innovative you better get the protections in place, and also you guided me in that… Its so simple the way you’re really orchestrating the process. I didn’t have that much experience but I feel throughout this entire trip that we’ve been on, I’ve gained so much experience from it, that I can help others guide them to you.

Steve Graybill

Founder & CEO at MÜLIBEX

Receiving the Patent Certificate Award from the USPTO was one of the greatest feelings in the world! Thank you and your team for facilitating such an incredible victory that helps us protect our IP.

Dommonic Nelson

Dommonic Nelson

Intercon USA 2021 Top 50 Tech Visionary

I’ve had a very good experience working with Thompson law Offices over the past couple of years. They are very good at what they do. Currently they’ve obtained a patent for me in a reasonable time frame, and are pursuing yet another one. Not only are they very good, but they are cognizant of the financial aspects of this process, always taking into consideration the cost to their customers. I wouldn’t hesitate to continue to work with them on future projects.

Byron Tietjen

InertiaCore Training Systems

Craige Thompson is a top-notch intellectual property attorney. I would choose him to represent me if I ever needed a patent. I have no hesitation to refer my friends, family, and clients to him for IP work. He’s easy to work with, has a good personality, a good bed-side manner, and he’s extremely good in his skills. Five-Stars!

Dana Palmer

Divorce & Family Lawyer

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