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Ask The Patent Attorney!

the four parts of a Patent

Summary:  What are the four parts of a patent? 

In this episode of "Ask The Patent Attorney," Craige Thompson, JD, EE, PE walks you through the four parts of a Litigation Quality Patent.

Is My Attorney Getting Me The Right Claims? (part 2)

which way

Is My Attorney Getting Me The Right Claims? (part 1)

claims mistakes

Why is my patent getting rejected again?

confusion about patent rejection

Where can you get sued for patent infringement?

globe europe

How Can I Monetize My Patent Asset?

make money

How do international patents work?

world map; describing International patents

Should You File a Provisional or a Non-Provisional?

making a decision

When Can I Safely Market My Idea?

clock- time - timepiece

Can i even get a patent on my idea?


Long Patent Claims are bad, right? 


What are your rights when you are Patent Pending?

a gavel used in legal proceedings

How to NOT get ripped off by a greedy manufacturer.


What are the 3 Phases of the Patent Process?