Wireless Splitter-Repeater Hub

Apparatus and associated methods relate to acoustic-electric sensor system including a main acoustic sensor operably coupled to detect string vibrations of an acoustic-electric instrument and a feedback suppression acoustic sensor configured to primarily detect sound board vibrations of the acoustic-electric stringed instrument at a location with a substantially attenuated string vibration signal relative to its sound board vibration signal. In an illustrative example, a mixing circuit may at least partially cancel out sound board vibration signatures output by the main and feedback suppression acoustic sensors with one another to produce a mixed output signal. The feedback suppression acoustic sensor may be spaced outside of an ellipse substantially centered around a sound board string coupling point. The main acoustic sensor may be arranged in close proximity to receive the string vibration signal. The mixed output signal may substantially reject audio feedback disturbances while retaining the unique characteristic sound of the instrument.

Some apparatus and associated methods relate to conductivity modulation apparatus for active operations with an inductive element in a packaged circuit module formed with a bypass switch for configuration in parallel with an inductor. In

A distress situation recognizing and remote assistance summoning device for recognizing a distress situation which may be encountered by a transport vehicle, and for summoning assistance via a wireless communications link is shown and described.

Apparatus and associated methods relate to a photoelectric sensor system with a primary photo-detector to receive an on-axis return reflected by a retro-reflective target, and a monitor photo-detector to detect off-axis light indicative of a

Apparatus and associated methods relate to dual safety touch button systems for generating machine operation commands, according to predetermined safety guidelines, from status information received via an intercommunications link (ICL) operably connecting the dual safety