System and method for selecting a respirator

Apparatus and associated methods may relate to a system for predicting a respirator fit by comparing a respirator model in a deformed state to a specific facial model. In an illustrative example, an internal measurement may be calculated between an inside part of the respirator model and the facial model. The internal measurement may be compared against a predetermined threshold to determine a fit of the respirator model, for example. In various implementations, the internal measurement may be a distance and/or a volume between the respirator and facial model.

Apparatus and associated methods relate to a wearable compression therapy system for ambulatory therapy, the system including a wearable garment having one or more inflatable chambers, and a pneumatic engine locally coupled to the garment

Apparatus and associated methods for a hydrogel wound covering membrane may include a backing layer and a release liner each having high pliability for permitting the membrane to be folded without pinching a sandwiched hydrogel