Retractable Hard Panel Cover And Associated Storage Container

Apparatus and associated methods relate to a storage container and storage container lid configured for stowage and extraction of panels, the panels having complementary mating interfaces that cause the panels to stack onto one another as the panels enter the storage container lid, and to couple to one another as the panels are extracted from the storage container lid. In an illustrative example, the mating interface for the panels may include a first linearly decreasing section, a linearly increasing section, and a second linearly decreasing section that complements the mating interface of an adjacent panel. The panels may slide along a channel into and out of an opening in the storage container lid. A panel storage system may advantageously store panels in the lid of the storage container, while still providing access to the contents of the storage container by opening of the lid.

A safety switch is disclosed herein. The safety switch may comprise: a housing, wherein the housing comprises a mating cam; a face plate, wherein the face plate is coupled to the housing; and a subassembly

A toggle switch comprises a housing, a plurality of switches disposed within the housing, an actuating lever coupled to a pivot pin, and an actuator assembly coupled to the actuating lever. The actuating lever extends

Apparatus and associated methods may relate to a natural-gait therapy device for enabling a user with a Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) to independently transition between a locked standing position and a user controlled coordinated natural-gait

Apparatus and associated methods relate to a collapsible chair having a collapsible lateral support rod, a pair of front legs, a pair of front chair support rods, and a pair of mechanical junctions configured to