Peripheral Hydrogel Wound Dressing

Apparatus and associated methods for a hydrogel wound covering membrane may include a backing layer and a release liner each having high pliability for permitting the membrane to be folded without pinching a sandwiched hydrogel layer thereby preventing its thinning in folded regions. In an illustrative embodiment, the hydrogel layer may annularly circumscribe a central wound region of the membrane. The thickness of the annulus may be selected to prevent water from penetrating the annulus for water exposures of a predetermined length of time. In some embodiments, a gauze may be affixed to a central portion of the membrane for gentle contact with a wound when the membrane is affixed to a wounded person. The membrane may advantageously maintain a substantially uniform hydrogel thickness when folded or rolled, so as to permit secure annular adhesion circumscribing a wound when unfolded or unrolled and applied.

Apparatus and associated methods relate to a wearable compression therapy system for ambulatory therapy, the system including a wearable garment having one or more inflatable chambers, and a pneumatic engine locally coupled to the garment

Apparatus and associated methods may relate to a system for predicting a respirator fit by comparing a respirator model in a deformed state to a specific facial model. In an illustrative example, an internal measurement