Inductor With Bypass Switch

Some apparatus and associated methods relate to conductivity modulation apparatus for active operations with an inductive element in a packaged circuit module formed with a bypass switch for configuration in parallel with an inductor. In an illustrative example, the bypass switch may be a controllable bidirectional switch formed of, for example, two anti-series connected MOSFETs. In some embodiments, the packaged module may include a main switch and/or a freewheeling rectifier (e.g., synchronous rectifier) operable as a buck-derived switched mode power supply. The bypass switch may, in operation, selectively circulate inductor current through the bypass switch, for example, to control the timing and/or quantity of energy transfer from the inductor to a load. In some implementations, the bypass switch may be operated, for example, to dynamically modulate conductivity across the terminals of an inductor in a buck-derived switched mode power supply to enhance circuit performance in numerous operational modes.

A distress situation recognizing and remote assistance summoning device for recognizing a distress situation which may be encountered by a transport vehicle, and for summoning assistance via a wireless communications link is shown and described.

Apparatus and associated methods relate to a photoelectric sensor system with a primary photo-detector to receive an on-axis return reflected by a retro-reflective target, and a monitor photo-detector to detect off-axis light indicative of a

Apparatus and associated methods relate to dual safety touch button systems for generating machine operation commands, according to predetermined safety guidelines, from status information received via an intercommunications link (ICL) operably connecting the dual safety

A transmitter includes a predriver circuit configured to perform a first equalization process to compensate jitter caused by the predriver circuit. The predriver circuit includes a first path having a first driving strength and configured