Hand-Driven Ratchet Strap Assist Device

Apparatus and associated methods relate to a ratchet strap system configured with a ball-shaped handgrip adapted to manipulate a ratchet strap drive shaft. In an illustrative example, the handgrip may include a substantially spherical distal portion coupled to the drive shaft via a substantially cylindrical neck member. The handgrip may, for example, be configured for after-market installation by receiving a shaft extension member of the drive shaft. Some handgrips may include opposing radial apertures for a retention pin to longitudinally fix the handgrip to the shaft extension member. A pliable resilient member disposed at the distal end may prevent decoupling prior to tensioning the strap. In various embodiments, the deployment time of a ratchet strap system may, for example, be reduced by using the handgrip to facilitate initial winding of a load securing strap, and to wind excess strap length for storage in conjunction with an elastic retaining loop.

A safety switch is disclosed herein. The safety switch may comprise: a housing, wherein the housing comprises a mating cam; a face plate, wherein the face plate is coupled to the housing; and a subassembly

A toggle switch comprises a housing, a plurality of switches disposed within the housing, an actuating lever coupled to a pivot pin, and an actuator assembly coupled to the actuating lever. The actuating lever extends

Apparatus and associated methods may relate to a natural-gait therapy device for enabling a user with a Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) to independently transition between a locked standing position and a user controlled coordinated natural-gait

Apparatus and associated methods relate to a collapsible chair having a collapsible lateral support rod, a pair of front legs, a pair of front chair support rods, and a pair of mechanical junctions configured to