Emergency Stop Mechanism For Cable-Pull Safety Switch

A safety switch is disclosed herein. The safety switch may comprise: a housing, wherein the housing comprises a mating cam; a face plate, wherein the face plate is coupled to the housing; and a subassembly coupled to the face plate, wherein the subassembly comprises: a base, wherein the base comprises a slot; a cam, wherein the cam is positioned within the base; a pushbutton, wherein the pushbutton comprises a hole; and a pin positioned through the hole of the pushbutton and the slot of the base; wherein the cam, the base, and the pushbutton are mated together with the pin; wherein the subassembly is not rotatable due to the pin.

A toggle switch comprises a housing, a plurality of switches disposed within the housing, an actuating lever coupled to a pivot pin, and an actuator assembly coupled to the actuating lever. The actuating lever extends

Apparatus and associated methods may relate to a natural-gait therapy device for enabling a user with a Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) to independently transition between a locked standing position and a user controlled coordinated natural-gait

Apparatus and associated methods relate to a collapsible chair having a collapsible lateral support rod, a pair of front legs, a pair of front chair support rods, and a pair of mechanical junctions configured to

Apparatus and associated methods relate to a camera mount system (CMS) releasably mountable to vehicle surfaces via a plurality of leg members, each leg member extending radially from a hub to support an articulating wrist