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Your TPL Patent Legal Team

Craige Thompson

Craige Thompson, JD, EE, PE

Craige Thompson is an experienced Electrical Engineer and accomplished Patent Attorney. He has over 15 years of experience in patent licensing, prior art searching, due diligence, prosecution, opinion, litigation, and Inter Partes Review (IPR).

Jason Rosenblum

Jason Rosenblum, JD

Jason is a Patent Attorney and practices in the area of Trademark protection.  He has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from SUNY, and has practiced in New York, Israel, and South Carolina.  Jason is an Of Counsel attorney with TPL. 

Quanquan He

Quanquan He, MSL, MSEE

In addition to three years as a Patent Examiner in the Chinese Patent Office, Quanquan has an M.S. in Electrical Engineering – Semiconductor Photonics and Electronics, and recently graduated with an M.S. Law from Northwestern in Chicago.

Vincent Musgrove

Vincent Musgrove, JD

Vincent is a Patent Attorney at Thompson Patent Law with a technical background in mathematics, physics, and economics.  Previously he worked as a data analyst for several start-up companies. 

Shreya Biswas

Shreya Biswas Ley, JD

Shreya Biswas Ley earned her Chemical Engineering degree at the University of Texas at Austin, where she introduced Austin children to the wonders of science. She then worked in the oil & gas industry.

Your TPL Administrative Support Team

Heidi Thompson

Heidi Thompson, Office Administrator

Heidi Thompson is the Office Administrator in the Thompson Patent Law Team. She monitors day-to-day office operations.

Kyle McClitnock, Concierge/ Digital Marketer

Kyle McClintock, Concierge Receptionist

Kyle McClintock is recent addition to the TPL team. Kyle is positive and dependable, providing TPL clients with concierge level services. Kyle is a US Army Veteran he continues to add value to our clients and the TPL Team.


Elisabeth Heibeler, Administrative Assistant

Elisabeth is currently filling the role of Administrative Assistant. She enjoys helping people and is excited to be on the team at Thompson Patent Law.