IPR PTABCast: Nidec Motor Corporation v. zhongshan broad ocean co.

Summary:  Patent Drafting Danger: Throw The Lists Overboard

In this IPR PTABCast episode, The Examiner Whisperer, Craige Thompson, breaks down three strong currents that combine to swiftly carry unsuspecting Patent Owners away from the golden "infringement" shore and out to drown in the sea of "invalidity." Craige reveals some rescue techniques, including proper drafting techniques for Litigation Quality Patents.

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Matt Barnes Owner/CEO of Hundred to One Technology

Craige turned a complicated process into one of ease

Craige was a pleasure to work with. His experience in patent law is hard to match and it shows. This was my first patent and Craige turned a complicated process into one of ease. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a patent. Thanks again Craige!