LQP PatentCast: Presidio Components v. American Technical Ceramics

LQP patentCast: Presidio Components, Inc., v. American Technical Ceramics

Summary: Fending off a patent

Businesses accused of patent infringement have some sophisticated strategies at their command. Conversely, patent owners must have litigation savvy counsel who knows how to think strategically (i.e., chess rather than checkers). In this PatentCast,™ Craige draws business and patent lessons involving an infringed capacitor patent.

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Paul M. Babcock CTO, VP Advanced Development, and Co-Founder, Flyback Energy, Inc.

Craige devised a patent strategy like we were going to war

Craige Thompson and the staff at Thompson Law office have done an outstanding job for Flyback Energy Inc. Intellectual property underpins every aspect of FEI technology. Craige has a high level of engineering knowledge and an in-depth understanding of physics as well as great legal expertise. Flyback Energy Inc. lost thousands of dollars to other patent law firms because they could not grasp onto or understand the complex electromagnetic physics that FEI technology is based on. Not only did Craige create great patents for us, he devised a legal defense strategy like we were going to war. The patent work Craige has done for FEI has also been very expedient and cost effective. Bar none the best.

How the patent process works

Many people have questions about what happens when you file a patent, and when the patent will be issued. We have created this simple Patent Process Flowchart for you, if you are wondering about the patent process or what happens after you have filed a patent application.