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Patent Case Study with Alex Hargrove and Thompson Patent Law
Invention2Exit: Patent Case Study with Alex Hargrove of Netlaw [tcb-script src=""][/tcb-script] Craige Thompson interviews Alex Hargrove who talks about how[...]
Encouragement for Entreprenuers
Encouragement For Technology EntrepreuersMindset is one of the ten obstacles that we need to master in order to succeed in[...]
Can You Sell your Idea Without Patent Protection?
Can I sell My idea without a patent? [tcb-script src=""][/tcb-script]Hi, my name is Craige Thompson. I'm a patent attorney.And many entrepreneurs[...]
2 Reasons Your Idea May Not Be Patentable
2 Reasons Your Idea May Not Be Patentable[tcb-script src=""][/tcb-script]Do you know that 30% of the time, you shouldn't file for[...]
Bringing Patton to Patents
Patton-ing PatentsWritten by: Timothy Snowden General Patton’s victory over Rommel made famous his diligent approach to preparation. The imaginative proclamation, “Rommel,[...]
The 360-Degree Patent Battle Plan
the 360 patent battle planAs an entrepreneur, you know how important it is to have a well thought-out business plan.What[...]

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Craige Thompson, JD, EE, PE, Patent Attorney

Craige Thompson JD, EE, PE Patent Attorney Author of Amazon #1 Best seller, Patent Offense

Craige Thompson brings a high level of maturity in his patent advice to clients

Craige was wonderful to work with. He is very bright and has had great practical industry experience. He brings a high level of maturity in his patent advice to clients. He had excellent relationships with clients as they respected and trusted his judgment and recommendations. You can’t go wrong working with Craige.