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Time Skew Calibration Of Time-Interleaved Analog To Digital Converters

Time skew calibration of time-interleaved analog to digital converters

Apparatus and associated methods relate to modulating polarity on sample outputs from a time-interleaved analog-to-digital converter (TIADC) as an input to a time skew extractor in a clock skew calibration control loop. In an illustrative example, a multiplier-mixer may impart a polarity change to every other data sample transmitted between the TIADC and the time skew extractor. In some examples, a multiplexer may select between the polarity modulated samples and non-polarity modulated samples before the multiplier-mixer. Selection between the polarity modulated samples and the non-polarity modulated samples may be based on, for example, determination of specific frequency bands of an analog input signal. Various embodiments may improve convergence of clock skew calibration control loops for analog input signals sampled with a TIADC near a Nyquist

Wearable active-compression therapy and treatment system

Wearable active-compression therapy and treatment system

Apparatus and associated methods relate to a wearable compression therapy system for ambulatory therapy, the system including a wearable garment having one or more inflatable chambers, and a pneumatic engine locally coupled to the garment to provide control and inflation of the one or more inflatable chambers. In an illustrative embodiment, the pneumatic engine may control a pump and one or more valves to inflate the inflatable chambers. The valves and pump may be coordinated according to a pre-programmed profile. In some embodiments, the pneumatic engine may have a wireless interface configured to receive control signals from a remote mobile device untethered from the garment. The pneumatic engine may send to the remote mobile device signals indicative of sensed conditions of the compression therapy system. In some embodiments, the pneumatic engine may include a power source that advantageously permits the user to be untethered from a source of power.

Methods and apparatuses for stable control in power converters

Methods and apparatuses for stable control in power converters

Apparatus and associated methods relate to modulating the frequency of a switch signal to achieve a fast transient response while holding the average frequency constant over a predetermined number of N cycles. In an illustrative example, a quantum charge modulator may include a compensation processor configured to compensate an error signal and generate a compensation signal by performing operations to maintain an average switching frequency over the N cycles in response to the transient. The compensation signal may be a function of a real phase deviation ΔTSW between a stable pulse modulated signal having a cycle period TSW before the transient and a measured pulse modulated signal having a cycle period TSW_M after the transient. A forgetting factor may be used to calculate the phase deviations. The quantum charge modulator may provide a compensation free, stable, and high performance response over power stage component changes.

Activity-Triggered Provisioning

Activity-triggered provisioning of portable wireless networks

Apparatus and associated methods relate to configuring a network remote from a user's personal network, with parameters governing the user's personal network, in response to user activity, and at a location and time based on the user activity. In an illustrative example, the network may be a Wi-Fi network. The user's personal network may be, for example, the user's home SSID for accessing the user's personal Wi-Fi access device...

Reed-solomon code encoder and decoder

Reed-solomon code encoder and decoder

An integrated circuit (IC) includes an encoder circuit. The encoder circuit includes an encoding input configured to receive an input message including one or more data symbols. Each data symbol has N bits and N is a positive integer. The encoder circuit includes an encoding unit configured to perform Reed-Solomon encoding to the one or more data symbols to generate one or more coding symbols. The Reed-Solomon encoding uses a Galois field having an order that is less than 2.sup.N. A coded message that includes the one or more data symbols and the one or more coding symbols is provided at an encoding output of the encoder circuit.

Intelligent call lead generation

Intelligent call lead generation

A computerized method and system for intelligent call lead generation is disclosed. The method includes receiving a telephone number and request for communication from a consumer, identifying an enterprise contact based at least in part on the request for communication, placing a first telephone call to the telephone number with a communication system and a second telephone call to a second telephone number associated with the enterprise contact with the communication system, merging the first telephone call and the second telephone call with the communication system into a merged call, and transmitting communication between the consumer and the enterprise contact with the communication system through the merged call.

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Measuring Components of Jitter

Apparatus and associated systems, methods and computer program products relate to isolating horizontal jitter component(s) from vertical jitter component(s). In preferred embodiments, at least one horizontal component of jitter is distinguished from at least one component of vertical jitter by fitting a curve to a digitally acquired waveform, determining the curve slope and statistical variance about the fitted curve over at least one time period, identifying a functional relationship between the variance and slope, and determining therefrom at least one horizontal component of jitter and at least one vertical component of jitter. 

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Use of 8-bit or higher A/D for NAND cell value

A system and method, including computer software, for storing digital information uses multiple NAND flash memory cells. Each memory cell is adapted to receive charge during a write operation to an analog voltage that corresponds to a data value having a binary representation of more than 4 bits. An analog-to-digital converter converts the analog voltage from each memory cell into a digital representation of the analog voltage during a read operation of each cell.

Current Waveform Construction to Generate AC Power

Current Waveform Construction to Generate AC Power

Methods and apparatus to provide low harmonic distortion AC power for distribution by converting energy from natural or renewable sources into electrical form, and constructing a current waveform on a primary winding of a transformer by recapturing inductive energy previously stored in the transformer so as to transform the converted electrical energy into substantially sinusoidal AC voltage at a secondary winding of the transformer. 

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User Interface for Maintaining Categorization Schemes

A graphical user interface (GUI) tool for maintaining categorization schemes includes a categorization area that displays user-input fields which may be used to define a number of categories and a number of links that form a categorization scheme. The categorization scheme is organized to enable the computer-executed process to categorize the data. The categorization causes the selection of categories that correspond to the data. The selection is made by making a category determination beginning at the top level and proceeding to the children of categories that correspond to the data.

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