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Peripheral hydrogel wound dressing

Apparatus and associated methods for a hydrogel wound covering membrane may include a backing layer and a release liner each having high pliability for permitting the membrane to be folded without pinching a sandwiched hydrogel layer thereby preventing its thinning in folded regions. In an illustrative embodiment, the hydrogel layer may annularly circumscribe a central wound region of the membrane. The thickness of the annulus may be selected to prevent water from penetrating the annulus for water exposures of a predetermined length of time. In some embodiments, a gauze may be affixed to a central portion of the membrane for gentle contact with a wound when the membrane is affixed to a wounded person. The membrane may advantageously maintain a substantially uniform hydrogel thickness when folded or rolled, so as to permit secure annular adhesion circumscribing a wound when unfolded or unrolled and applied.    

Luggage with dynamic volume receptacle

Apparatus and associated methods relate to an article of luggage having a coupling interface with a plurality of support points to engage a dynamic volume receptacle (DVR). In an illustrative example, the DVR having a predetermined capacity may releasably couple to the plurality of the support points when inserted through an auxiliary aperture to form a barrier between contents inserted into a primary chamber of the luggage and contents inserted into an auxiliary chamber of the DVR. The DVR may include a capacity adjuster to permit a user to modify the predetermined capacity of the DVR. Advantageously, a user may modify the predetermined capacity prior to insertion of the DVR into the primary chamber. In some implementations, the DVR may protect the contents in the primary chamber against moisture from wet contents in the DVR, for example.       

Firearm retaining apparatus

Embodiments provide a firearm retaining apparatus.       

Method for monitoring personal protection equipment compliance

Embodiments relate generally to methods and systems for monitoring personal protection equipment compliance. A method comprises receiving, by a user identification mobile device, information from a sensor attached to a personal protection equipment (PPE) associated with a user, determining whether the PPE is in use or not based on the received information, sending a communication from the user identification mobile device to a supervisor console, and displaying information included in the communication by a supervisor console. When it is determined that a required PPE device is inactive, corrective action is taken by a supervisor.

Tree topper with trunk attachable deformable conduit

Tree topper with trunk attachable deformable conduit

Apparatus and associated methods relate to a tree-top ornament apparatus configured to present a removeably attachable ornament above a top of a tree and supporting the presented ornament by clamping an ornament-connected deformable conduit to a secure portion of a tree trunk below the top of the tree. In an illustrative embodiment, the conduit may be deformable and yet semi-rigid so as not to deform under the weight of the presented ornament. In some embodiments, a sleeve may be configured to provide an electrical signal to a light emitting device for illuminating the ornament. The sleeve may include a light emitting device within a top hollow of the sleeve.

System and method for selecting a respirator

System and method for selecting a respirator

Apparatus and associated methods may relate to a system for predicting a respirator fit by comparing a respirator model in a deformed state to a specific facial model. In an illustrative example, an internal measurement may be calculated between an inside part of the respirator model and the facial model. The internal measurement may be compared against a predetermined threshold to determine a fit of the respirator model, for example. In various implementations, the internal measurement may be a distance and/or a volume between the respirator and facial model. 

Craige Thompson, JD, EE, PE, Patent Attorney

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I got a fantastic result from my patent team at TPL!

I got a fantastic result from my patent team at TPL. The “Point of Novelty Report” they created was amazingly effective because it got us to an allowance in less than a year without even a single office action from the USPTO. My PON Report provided a clear plan that enabled us to hit the bullseye immediately. We were able to get very effective and valuable claims without having to go back and forth with the patent examiner, which saves a lot of time and money. Just as Craige says, the Point of Novelty Report does work incredibly well.

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