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Types Of Litigation Quality Patents

Here are examples of issued patents obtained for clients by team TPL 

Electrical Technologies

Software Technologies

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Mechanical Technologies

Design Technologies

Other Technologies

Craige Thompson and his team are in a different league altogether

In my many years as a telecom engineer in the corporate world, I've worked with quite a few so-so patent attorneys. Craige Thompson and his team are in a different league altogether. Now that I'm paying for these patents myself to further the efforts of my own businesses, I am pleased to say it has been money well spent. Craige got the first patent approved with remarkable skill. Now, a second patent for another business has just been launched. It's been a pleasure to work with folks who not only know the patent ropes but get the engineering and technical aspects. I would highly recommend Thompson Patent Law.

Craige Thompson, JD, EE, PE, Patent Attorney

Craige Thompson JD, EE, PE Patent Attorney Author of Amazon #1 Best seller, Patent Offense

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