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Gates Manufacturing

Dynamic Adapt Soil Conditioning System

The Dynamic Adapt Soil Conditioning System (US Patent Number 9,668,399) is an option that can added to 9000 or 12000 Coulter disks. Signals from sensor cylinders are fed into a control box which transmit information over Wi-Fi in real-time into a tablet in the cab. In turn, the system processes the information and communicates back to controller via Wi-Fi which signals the proportioner valves to make adjustments. This system allows you to precisely adjust your settings with a push of a button.

EZ step-in post

TCB Innovations, LLC EZ step-in post 

No more pounding with a heavy post pounder or clumsy hammer, or worrying about broken anchors. Our heavy-duty, durable solid steel posts easily install into your terrain or landscape with one simple step. Ideal for temporary or permanent fencing, landscaping, markers and more.

Mulibex "the Muhl Chair


is a Hybrid-Light™ gear company that is taking a quantum leap into the future of the outdoor industry with innovative products that maximize the usefulness of every piece of gear that we design. We will deliver equipment with unparalleled product quality while continually driving down the costs of our products with a relentless pursuit of efficiency and infusion of technology.

Yummy Box

The Yummy Box

Some restaurants may store food on open racks that require cashiers or restaurant staff to crew a to-go station. Some locations may use alphabetical take-out shelves using an “honor system.” The Yummy Box prevents unauthorized access to customer’s take-out orders, reduces pick up times to 90 seconds or less, and makes operational processes more efficient by unmanning takeout stations.

Ultra Tonic Pickup Complete view

James May Engineering 

Announcing the Ultra Tonic Pickup™ At last, an acoustic guitar pickup that offers the richness of a sound board transducer with the feedback immunity of an under saddle transducer. With patent pending technology James May Engineering is proud to offer the Ultra Tonic Pickup – a unique solution for guitarist who care about their sound and need to play in real-world environments at the elevated levels commonly encountered.

Best Pickup Toolbox

Best Pickup Toolbox 

There is no other pickup toolbox that integrates a hard panel tonneau cover, when retracted does not occupy space in the toolbox. Lock & store belongings in both the toolbox & truck bed. Keep your cargo out of the elements at all times. Use of toolbox with a covered or uncovered pickup bed and no loss of storage. Reduces wind drag for increased gas mileage.

FastBreathe Thoracic Seal

FastTrack Medical Solutions LLC

FastBreathe™ was developed by doctors and paramedics with military backgrounds and extensive trauma experience. Full-scale laboratory testing has shown Fastbreathe™ to be more successful in managing thoracic penetrating wounds than any product previously offered.

product showcase c3


Founded in a garage in 2009, we are the creators of the patented line of US made C3 Caster-lift Shopping Cart Safety Ropes—now standard practice among the world's leading grocers and retailers. 

MotoCrane, LLC

MotoCrane ULTRA is the most versatile remote arm in the world. ULTRA handles off-road, heavy rain, and extreme temperatures with ease. The new arm design features active gyro stabilization and adjustable passive 3-axis nose dampening to isolate the head and camera package for buttery-smooth, rock-solid image stabilization. IP66 rated. Constructed of 7075 and 6061-T6 aluminum for the highest strength to weight ratio of any compact arm.

Greenberg Casework

Greenberg Casework

Since 1985, Greenberg has specialized in manufacturing custom cabinets, casework, store fixtures and displays for commercial construction. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and the quality workmanship that sets Greenberg Casework Company apart. We employee experienced cabinet makers, some who have been with us for years. We use state-of-the-art CNC equipment and computerized operations to ensure every project we work on is perfect, and completed on time.

Dusk2Dawn Saftey device led lights

Dusk 2 Dawn the patented Dusk 2 Dawn Safety device attaches to any clothing or accessory, increasing your visibility up to 1100 feet.  The 1 ounce lightweight fluorescent triangle is powered by a USB rechargeable power supply and includes 6 LED lights lasting more than 30,000 hours. It is a durable safety choice for any activity in the great outdoors.  


PetVivo: Kush Canine 

is an injectable veterinary device used in the treatment of osteoarthritis in dogs. Kush Canine particles for intra-articular (I.A.) injection is a sterile, gel-particle veterinary device.

Read PetVivo's recent press release by clicking here

3d printers

STACKER Industrial Grade 3D Printers are purposely built so you can move your ideas from prototype to production.  Their Industrial Grade 3D printers are designed and priced for small businesses, tech labs, colleges, busy offices, maker spaces, print/prototype shops, manufacturing plants, and most other kinds of businesses.  Their printers offer fast, reliable, and affordable 3D printing.

lighting system

S4 Lights: 

dedicated to continuous improvement and on-going research into emerging technologies, as well as a firm commitment to technology development. From our ground-breaking, proprietary Versaline lighting system, to manufacturing tailor-made lighting products and systems, our product portfolio benefits from S4 Light’s commitment to deliver the most advanced LED lighting on the market.

OptiCast LLC

Using a Buoy management system will not only save you time on the water, but it will help you to optimize each and every cast to put more and bigger fish in the boat leading you to more wins on the water.

think and zoom

Think and Zoom 

Uses mind control to help the visually impaired see better.  Their innovative technology provides vision augmentation by simply thinking Think and Zoom aims to reduce the 90% illiteracy rate affecting 300 million people worldwide by providing them an affordable way to look think and zoom in to a better

brighter future.


GO-Magnets are the premier gun organizer magnets on the market. Superior in both strength and design, a single GO-Magnet will easily hold an object weighing up to 15 lbs. Magnetic on both sides, GO-Magnets offer the added bonus of not needing to use screws or staples to hold them in place. 

KYKS logo Keep Your Kids Safe

KYKS Keeping Your Kids Safe. The overall goal of KYKS (pronounced “kicks”) is to provide peace of mind to parents, guardians’ childcare providers and school officials during the transport of any child to and from school, including after school programs. Additionally, adding assistance to the teachers and bus drivers by personalizing the interaction with each child. Frustration and concern are very prevalent with those caring for our children but not spoken about a lot.

APP Games image


is a software company currently specializing in games and applications for the mobile and tablet markets.

SecureWiFi Technologies are the guardians of the IoT gateway. We are a specialized software development company with patented technology devoted to the secure wireless transmission of encrypted, confidential data and files. For retailers, we provide instant consumer entry identification and connection, and for consumers through voice activation, to easily request, in-store location and information of products and services.

the fillamento Valto Lighting system


is backed by the top players in today's lighting industry. All engineering work is proudly done stateside in the USA with production in Asia. Filamento has assembled a strong team ready to take its first series of products to
market, based on a robust new LED luminaire architecture that shows excellent application extension potential.

Pest free device

Pest Free®

The company Pest Free® is serious about its commitment to providing products that contribute to the well being of the community and our environment. You may never hear a traditional pest control company recommend our products but today there are hundreds of thousands of householders, food outlets and businesses that now enjoy safe effective pest management without the hazard of dangerous poisons and chemicals.

OmegaStrap: The Revolutionary Ratchet Tie-down Strap

Ratchet tie-down straps have been loved yet reviled for decades as they jam, confuse, and frustrate the user. Problem solved! This NEW design employs a few simple ideas that make this tool so many of us find frustrating a pleasure to use. Please support this project and join OmegaStrap in the Ratchet Revolution!

Norton Fitness

Norton Fitness 

is a full distribution company with various commercial lines of exercise equipment.  With the ability to handle large and small clientele, Norton Fitness can suit the needs of its clients no matter what the need.


BuildFax, Inc 

BuildFax, trusted by some of the world’s largest insurance carriers, is the leading provider of residential and commercial property condition and history data in the U.S. With the nation's most comprehensive building permit database, BuildFax delivers property insights to reduce risk and boost your bottom line.

High-Power, Wireless, App-Enabled Controller With Color-Flip 

Seamlessly manage the functions of your Versaline system via your Smartphone or Tablet. It is weather resistant and features 4 channels and a digital read-out display. With a total load limit of 5 Amps, this controller can control up to 4000 lights. Synch multiple controllers, with Sync Tether (Sold Seperately), on the same or different power supply installations and/or run multiple controllers off a single power supply installation to create stunning lighting effects not possible with traditional light strings or other low voltage systems.

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