Step 1: File TM. Step 2: Put wallet away

Step 1: File TM. Step 2: Put wallet away


Step 1: File TM. Step 2: Put Wallet Away

Increasingly sophisticated scam letters that offer to collect a fee to add your mark to a “trademark registry” inevitably come to all who file a US Trademark registration. As a trademark applicant, you should expect one or more scammers to send solicitations directly to you by mail. It will look official, but it is total garbage. This article will “inoculate” you, so you can confidently toss scam offers aside.


Protecting your branding

Trademark registration is very safe, cost-effective, and often seems push-button easy when you allow your attorney to help you screen out scam offers. One of the great time-saving benefits of hiring an attorney to shepherd you through the trademark registration process is that you can throw any official looking solicitations over to us, and we can confirm that it is indeed a scam. Then you can safely ignore it. 

Protecting your branding by registering one or more trademarks may be essential to your marketing plan. My great fear is that a client, trying to build up their trademark rights, might someday be tempted to respond to one of these scams and actually send out real money to some fake outfit promising to register their mark in some magical database. As part of our representation of trademark clients, we review, for NO CHARGE, any solicitation letters so that the client need not even read all the fine print. Just send it to us to make sure.

The U.S. Trademark Office sends official correspondence to us when we are listed as your attorney. However, scammers know not to send correspondence to your law firm. They prefer to prey on clients who may not have strong representation. (Read more here)

If you get any trademark-related solicitations that you are unsure about in any way, first, put your wallet away! Second, scan and email or take a picture and send it to us so you can get a complimentary review. Once we confirm that it is indeed non-sense, you can safely use it to line a bird cage.

Craige Thompson, JD, EE, PE, Patent Attorney

Craige Thompson JD, EE, PE Patent Attorney Author of Amazon #1 Best seller, Patent Offense

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Cognizant of the financial aspects of this process

I've had a very good experience working with Thompson law Offices over the past couple of years. They are very good at what they do. Currently they've obtained a patent for me in a reasonable time frame, and are pursuing yet another one. Not only are they very good, but they are cognizant of the financial aspects of this process, always taking into consideration the cost to their customers. I wouldn't hesitate to continue to work with them on future projects.