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Patent Agent

EE/CS Patent Agent in Boutique Patent Law Firm - $150K / Flexible Work Options

We are only hiring A-Team Players with Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, or equivalent EE/CS degrees.

Minimum 3.3/4.0 GPA - no exceptions.

Require 3+ years full time patent agent experience.

Potential to be in a position to inherit successful million dollar patent practice in 5-10 years.

Craige Thompson, JD, EE, PE, Patent Attorney

Craige Thompson JD, EE, PE Patent Attorney Author of Amazon #1 Best seller, Patent Offense

Patent Agents, do you feel confident in your training on how to write killer patent applications? If you are like most patent agents and attorneys I have talked to, you have not received any really deep training on best practices.

Fortunately, we have trained dozens of patent attorneys, agents, and engineers to write and prosecute Litigation Quality Patents in a unique and battle tested methodology that promotes efficiency and quality. According to a Fortune 100 In House Counsel, "there is no one else doing something like this."

For over 10 years, our elite patent boutique law firm has been serving clients with electrical, software, and mechanical inventions to protect. Now, we are seeking a Patent Agent with a degree in electrical engineering or computer science.

Do you have a strong desire to be mentored by a #1 Best-Selling Author and Patent Expert?

Do you like to work diligently to develop an unlimited potential career as a patent rock star (prima donnas need not apply)? 

The primary responsibility in this position is to draft and prosecute Litigation Quality Patents.
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Our firm delivers premium patent services to interesting clients from start-ups to Fortune 100 international giants.

We help technology businesses dominate their markets by providing Litigation Quality Patents ... because Litigation Quality Patents Generate More Revenue, Faster!®

- Are you seeking a unique upwardly mobile career opportunity with an entrepreneurial patent law firm?

- Are you an A-Team Player?

- Do you demand excellence in yourself?

- Do you have a *real* EE or CS degree, and have actual competence coupled with a passion for (pick one): software, microprocessors, analog, digital, power, rf?

- Do you know the business end of a soldering iron, or have you ever marveled at a lissajous pattern or really robust object oriented code?

- Can you write and think very clearly, creatively? Quickly?

- Do you have a passion for working with entrepreneurs and inventors?

- Do you smile at the thought of learning skills that will allow you to routinely outwit bureaucrats in the Patent Office?

patent book signing

If the above describes you, and if you are a very strong writer who enjoys writing technical documents, then we need to talk.

Although you already have significant patent experience, know that we have trained dozens of superior candidates to do really sophisticated patent work for A-list clients.

We can make you better, and show you best practices that you won't learn anywhere else. 

You will learn directly from a #1 Best-selling Author, whose colleagues and clients have called "The Examiner Whisperer" and "The Patent Killer."

If you are looking for a different kind of long-term career opportunity, and if you have the ability to grow into the shoes, you should check into this. If successful, you could work into a position to inherit a million dollar book of business in the next 5-10 years.

If you are not ambitious, don't call us. If you prefer to avoid a challenge, keep on looking. If you want to grind away in a "safe" bureaucracy, please don't apply. We aren't looking for team members who don't covet that satisfying feeling you get after delivering yet another excellent work product on time and with superior concierge-level client service.

We value and reward demonstrated excellence and effectiveness. Compensation is $150K + bonuses. Successful candidates can do very well, and will have earned it. Get on the train!

Flexible arrangements: work-at-home, co-working, and office options in beautiful Cedar Park, TX.

Compensation: Quarterly adjustment based on value added; merit-based salary and bonuses.

All qualified candidates, including veterans, are welcome to apply.

Located in the beautiful NW suburb of Cedar Park, away from the crushing Austin Traffic! Easy commute.

Successful candidates will know how to pay attention to detail. For a full job description and specific instructions please contact us by sending an email indicating your interest to

Sorry - no recruiters. We only want to talk to real engineers who know a lot of technical stuff

Chuck Reisdorf PE, EE, Patent Engineer

The training I received from Thompson Patent Law was way more than I expected.

The training I received from Thompson Patent Law was way more than I expected. Not only did he explain the process, but he also explained the reasoning behind it. This paid dividends as we quickly became on the “same page” with the applications and reports I wrote. Craige and his team tout production of Litigation Quality Patents. After being through the training, I now understand why. The training was impactful and a great learning experience.