Moving Forward with your Patent Application

Moving Forward with your Patent Application

If you do decide to file the patent application, you have a patent attorney or patent drafter that has done a search.

They have spent time thinking about your ideas, about your prior art, talking to you about your business, and they understand you and your patent better than you have probably ever experienced.

They are primed and ready to go with the right information they need to make a really great patent application. The drafting is very focused, not wasting time on describing prior art, but on adding value.

Often this extends into in areas that you didn’t even think of, with potential applications for potential business models that you did not have in mind when you started.

That is tremendously valuable added information right there, so that if you do invest in a patent it may cost a little bit more, but the extra value it creates by having this much preparation makes the patent drafting much more efficient.
There is much less speculation or wandering around shooting in the dark because there was no plan. All that planning is worked out. We begin with the end in mind. Everything is very sharply focused and defined. Everybody’s clear. Everybody’s on the same page.

Everybody’s got buy in.

If you say ‘go,’ everybody on the team has less stress and they are more informed. Patent counsel are better able to do their jobs, particularly drafting a patent that they know what they should write about and what they do not need to write about.

The 7 Step Strategic Patent Assessment cuts out all the unnecessary trappings, gets rid of all that dead weight and focuses on the real value of the invention.
This seven step process positions the Patent Portfolio Manager to make a very informed decision, clearly based on facts and clear analysis of the idea patentability, and of the business objectives.

This can enhance your business planning while saving you time and tremendous amounts of money.

It also empowers the patent attorney with all the information that they should have before they write a patent application. But almost no patents are drafted with this much information in mind. Especially not this systematically and this efficiently.