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Mission and Charitable works

Thompson Patent Law would like to make the world a better place for our clients, their families, their micro-economies, and all the lives that they touch. Thompson Patent Law is about profiting for people. Usually that is profiting in business, but other times profiting has little to do with money, but rather supporting people.

reunite stranded migrant children with their relatives in the U.S

Thompson Patent Law, inspired to collaborate with Vecina and provide competent legal advice and representation to release these children from detention and start their reunification process.

Operation Underground Railroad

Operation Underground Railroad

Operation Underground Railroad currently supports operation and aftercare efforts in 28 countries and 48 U.S. States. Since our group is privately run, we are able to quickly respond to foreign government requests and institute investigative measures, develop intelligence and assist in enforcement operations and rescue efforts.

charities that Team TPL supports

Stop Soldier Suicide     

Stop Solider Suicide

Veterans are at 50% higher risk of suicide than their peers who have not served. Being some of our most loyal clients, we love veterans, and we love giving back to those who have served our nation. 

The Call 

the call

The CALL is a non-profit organization that mobilizes local churches to serve local children and youth placed in foster care. We provide a way for Christians to invite the mission field into their homes, to serve those most vulnerable in their communities.

Developing People 

Autism Corner    


Heidi Thompson is the Office Administrator in the Thompson Patent Law Team. In the Litigation Quality Patent (LQP) newsletter, she authors a series of articles called the "Autism Corner." Her main goal is to broaden the scope of readers' appreciation and understanding of the Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Civil Air Patrol     

Civil Air Patrol

"Civil Air Patrol is for parents who want their 12-18 year-olds to develop leadership, discipline, teamwork, STEM training, aerospace education, physical fitness, and lots of fun activities in a disciplined environment suitable for kids. Civil Air Patrol is fantastic!" - Craige

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