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Remarks by Director Andrei Iancu at U.S. Chamber of Commerce Patent Policy Conference
U.S. Chamber of Commerce Patent Policy ConferenceDirector of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Andrei IancuKeynote Address“Role of U.S. Patent[...]
Protect Your Ideas, Your Brand, Your Business
Don’t Make the Mistake of Not Securing Your Intellectual Property and Patent Rights. How much of the value of your[...]
My Trademark is Registered Now What?
  My trademark is registered now what? By: Jason Rosenblum. September 12th, 2017   First, you should keep your registration[...]
There’s Nothing New Under the Sun: The Benefits of Conducting a Prior Art Search
Prior art is the body of knowledge that is currently known in the state of the art on a subject[...]
Extending the Olive Branch: Negotiating a Solution to Patent Infringement
Imitation may be the highest form of flattery, and if flattery could be turned into gold, then there would be[...]
Sued for Patent Infringement, But Why?
You may have had no idea that you were infringing on someone else’s patent. You may not have actually infringed[...]