LQP PatentCast: Allied Mineral v. OSMI Declaratory Judgment

LQ PatentCast: Allied Mineral Products v. OSMI

Summary: Don’t Fear the [Patent Declaratory Judgment] Reaper

Did you know... fear from being sued and future business losses does not give you the right to sue a patent owner to get their patent declared invalid/ not infringed? Craige explains how manufacturers can defend themselves by a “DJ” (declaratory judgment) attack under some facts, but not others.

Byron Tietjen InertiaCore Training Systems

Cognizant of the financial aspects of this process

I've had a very good experience working with Thompson law Offices over the past couple of years. They are very good at what they do. Currently they've obtained a patent for me in a reasonable time frame, and are pursuing yet another one. Not only are they very good, but they are cognizant of the financial aspects of this process, always taking into consideration the cost to their customers. I wouldn't hesitate to continue to work with them on future projects.