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A CEO’s Guide to Their First 100 Days
Guest Article: A CEO’s guide to their first 100 daysBy: Todd Eberhardt“Don’t just do something, sit there.”When taking over as[...]
How Do International Patents Work?
HOW DO INTERNATIONAL PATENTS WORK?I just had a client call and asked me this question this morning, “How do international[...]
Increasing the Value of an Issued Patent
Increasing the value of an issued patent Sometimes a patent is issued with claims that do not adequately protect the owner[...]
Spot Opportunities and Risks in Patent Data
Guest Article: Spot Opportunities and Risks in Patent Data Effective prior art research leads to quality patents and better ROI[...]
Litigation Quality Patent Case Study: DDR Holdings v Digital River
LITIGATION QUALITY PATENT CASE STUDY You Must Use Analogy to Patent SoftwareI’d like to tell you today about a very important case from 2014. This[...]
Prepare for The Day Your Patent Expires
Prepare for The Day Your Patent Expires Patents for inventions expire after 20 years. Patents for designs based on an existing[...]

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