Executive Fitness: Tips from Former Pro Bodybuilder | Guest article

Guest Article Executive Fitness: Tips from former Pro Bodybuilder

By: Chris Norton

During my days as a professional bodybuilder, diet was everything.  As a business executive, you have to know the world will not do things for you and you must take control.  Diet is no different.  Restaurants, hotels, etc. do not know your diet and needs.  I was always having to travel and maintain a solid diet, especially during contest time.

Woman in gym attire

Nearly every hotel room has a coffee maker.  Use this to make hot water and mix it with oatmeal for breakfast.  No fridge?  Fill a plastic bag of ice at the hotel ice machine for a makeshift ice chest to keep egg whites or any other type of meat cool.  Canned tuna may not be the most satisfying food, but it’s packed with protein.  Be sure to opt for tuna in water and not oil.

As far as exercise, with a yoga mat and elastic band set you can workout the entire body in just thirty minutes.  No tools?  Check out this great article to still stay active https://www.shape.com/fitness/workouts/ultimate-hotel-room-workout  

Another great way to stay in shape is always having options. The internet has changed the way the world does business.  With Google, you can access email and files anywhere, with a connection.  Having a home gym set up can ensure a workout even with limited time.  Interested in setting up a home gym, even on a budget, give us a call for a full layout and our options. http://nortonfitness.com/