Autism Corner By Heidi Thompson -

Autism Corner: By Heidi Thompson

For the Love of Reading 

Many years ago, in a land far, far away, a little girl sat down with her Winnie the Pooh record player and the book Black Beauty which contained a small record of the story being read on it. The little girl was me and I loved that book! Often, I would listen to it several times in a row until I had it memorized right down to the intonations of the reader. Thus, began my love for reading books. 

Girl Reading

Pig In The Python

“The pig in the python is headed our way, with the aging population and recognition of higher prevalence of autism than was once thought,” stated Joseph Piven, professor of psychiatry and pediatrics at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Father and son fist bumping

Autism, CoVid-19, And The Top Five

The world has been turned upside down amid the CoVid-19 epidemic. Stress and anxiety can rise amongst those dealing with Autism during times such as these. Here are five suggestions to help in the coming weeks.


Beyond Imagination

The National Autism Association has stated, “A person with autism is not misbehaving or choosing to be
difficult. They just react to certain things differently. Be patient and kind always.” I ran across this
quote on social media recently and I just sat back and thought about it for a minute.


Is Autism Diminishing?

Over the years the number of people diagnosed with autism has risen dramatically around the world. Recently a study was completed using data from 23,000 people who live with autism between France, Denmark, and Canada. The results were alarming. The data used seven areas of distinction between people diagnosed with autism and the remaining population.

Children seated on a bench

Simple Living

In our crazy world sometimes a lot of basic, simple life skills are forgotten about. We as parents of children with Autism can get so wrapped up in the academics of life that we forget to include the simple day to day life skills that our children will use through their lifetime. Here is a quick five point list to remember.

Kids At Play

Autism And Food

At the Amen Clinics across the United States, over 1,000 people with Autism Spectrum Disorder have had brain scans completed. There are about 10 factors that are influential in an abnormal functioning brain. In today’s society food has many different effects; some can be helpful while others actually can poison our bodies. Through research, Dr. Amen had discovered five categories of food that people with Autism Spectrum Disorder should avoid.

Cookies/Junk Food

One Determined Man

Bernard Rimland stated, “For years we have heard the experts say that autism is a lifelong disability, ... This simply is not true anymore.” Back in the 1960’s Mr. Rimland took the world of autism to a new and exciting level. Without the marvels of today’s technology, he dispelled the notion of the “Refrigerator Mom” with clear determination and a lot of hard work.

Bernard Rimland

Protect your Brain... It’s a no Brainer!!!

Dr. Amen is a well-known doctor who practices as a psychiatrist and brain disorder specialist.  He is also the Director of the Amen Clinics around the United States.   Through reading and studying his books, the importance of brain health has been brought to the forefront of many people’s minds in the last few years.  Here is a short list of some ideas to keep your brain in top condition...

a sculpture about brain and thought.

10 ways to a successful life 

After reading several books, Lydia came up with this list of 10 Ways to a Successful Life. One of the books she drew information from was The Four Agreements by Don Ruiz when listing advice for Health, Wealth, and Happiness. Please check out “10 ways to a successful life” infographic by one of Thompson Patent Law’s rising stars! In addition, Lydia has added special bonus tips for you to keep in mind.

10 ways to a successful life

The DSM Road

“Autism is a journey I never planned, but I sure do love my tour guide.” I found this quote while sifting through my “pile of inspiration” the other day. I am sure a lot of people can relate to this, especially if you have been on a journey with a child who has autism or another type of disorder.
My thoughts wandered to the DSM, which was foundational to the beginning of...


Practical Life Lessons

As a parent we always try to help our children understand life and the world around them.    One area of life that often gets overlooked is the fact that everyone will die someday.  We recently went through the death of my father, the kids’ Grandpa.  It was a time of mixed emotions, but it was a wonderful life experience to go through. 

death funeral

Taking Care of Mama Bears

“Autism is the journey that turns Mama Bears
into Rock Solid Grizzlies!”

This quote has been circling through the community of parents with children on the spectrum.The first time I read it I laughed, the second time I smiled, and the third time I cried. 



Everyone is excited when a new baby is born. People come to visit, and the new baby gets a lot of attention. It is an exciting time for everyone. Then life starts to become normal again, back to routine, this time adding in another person.

a baby at the hospital

Back to the Basics

In the book More than a Mom the author states, “No matter what our child’s level of ability, he will do best in the future if you help him develop practical skills now.” 

learning Blackboard


Over the years the focus of Christmas has changed from a time to gather friends and family to many cases of high stress and anxiety for many.  Over the past years we have developed some fun traditions that actually  help to reduce the stress of the holiday season and makes it much more enjoyable for our family.  I hope the following quick list will do the same for you and yours!

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The 10 Things

In life we often encounter various books which inspire us on our life’s journey. One such book, which I first read back in 2006, has been one I have reread several times through the years. It is filled with simple yet practical advice to remember when interacting with people on the Autism Spectrum.

the number 10

Autism Spectrum Disorder And ADHD: Are They The Same?

Working with children, whether as a parent or as an educator, has many twists and turns. One such turn is understanding the similarities and differences between autism spectrum disorder and ADHD. Both diagnoses have exploded in the past years, which has many people curious about what makes each unique. 


New Year . . . New Brain 

Welcome 2018!  What an exciting year is ahead of us with all its wonders and possibilities.  Through all the reading, research, and study about autism some interesting facts about brain health have emerged.  This year everyone can improve their brain health whether one lives with autism or not.

New Year new brain

the Perfect Words 

Words can be very powerful.  As a parent of a child on the spectrum I have heard a variety of words about autism spectrum disorder.  Some are helpful, some are encouraging, and some are very hurtful.  I know everyone means well or at least I would hope they do.  Through the years I have gathered three classic comments that are encouraging to hear when your child is on the spectrum.

Autism + Puzzel

Autism: Not Just for Boys

In the past couple of years, researchers started asking the question of “Why is autism more prevalent in boys than in girls?”  At Universities both in the US and in England a variety of studies have been conducted to find the answer to this question.

girl in woods


Albert Einstein once stated, “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.” According to Webster’s dictionary, question is defined as a sentence, phrase, or word that asks for information. Asking questions is a powerful, effective tool to learn about the world.

Just Ask

Brrr, it is Cold!

In the 1950’s and the 1960’s mothers struggling to raise their children with autism bore an additional burden that is hard to imagine. On April 26, 1948, Time magazine ran a headline entitled, “Medicine: Frosted Children”. The article stated how the parents of children with autism were cold

refrigerator mothers