Hi. I’m Craige Thompson, and we have to have the difficult conversation with clients on about 30% of their ideas when we determine that their idea isn’t patentable for one of two reasons.

And that’s because we don’t want people to invest in patents when it’s not really right for your business.

One of the two reasons that we recommend against getting a patent, about 30% of the time, is for patentability. Patentability involves making sure that your invention is non-obvious over the prior art.

If we determine, in our early due diligence, that this particular idea isn’t the right one to get a patent on, we’ll be honest enough to tell you not to invest in that patent.

The second reason we recommend against getting a patent about 30% of the time is not because of patentability but because of business reasons. If it’s just not worth it, economically, if it’s just not going to add enough value to your business, we will be honest enough to tell you that.

So if you would like to make a fully informed decision about your idea that you’re currently considering whether or not to get a patent, the first step is to schedule your complimentary patent needs assessment. Click the link below to get it scheduled.